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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My life, my mother

My life encircles around you
Hardly had I known your value
Takes just a minute to name
Haven’t noticed that you felt the same

From morning till evening
You work hard toiling the field to earn a living
The first breath I took with you
Gags it may be but I felt it true

“Mother, where are my socks?” shouts my brother
Then rummages through the drawers, my mother.
You gave me one when you have none
You lied saying you are fine when you are all alone

How cruel of me, I haven’t noticed those tears
To us you have all your ears
I am busy growing up
Forgot that you are old, can barely hold your drinking cup

I am sorry for keeping you up all night
Still remember you holding me tight
As if I am going to leave
But god! I did heave
Thank you “MUMMY”
Live longer than you can; only for your dummy.