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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forlorn Feelings

As the days passed, I count the seconds ticking by. Each time the second-hand advanced,
 I felt my nearing death. Things get on too hard for me. Friends are there and that too lots. still, to whom do I share my woes and frustrations? Everyone here are so near, yet none so dear
 some even saved me from the freaking death but coming to these feelings I have, nobody understands. As I gazed into the distance, I realize that I have suffered enough
 Why is god not changing his target? Or is it that my sins are not over?
 Questions without answers, hopes without aims, dreams without destination, smiles without grace and problems without solution are all that I face. I am tired, really tired enough
 waiting for a single day, a day that would me mine. if given chance, will rule
 the world and change it from what is it today. my eyes hurt from crying, jaws ache from faking smiles and heart pains from hiding the facts. some times I feel like writing on a piece of paper or anywhere "I QUIT" and then just disappear.

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