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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who am I?
Who am I is not a simple question as it seems. It’s rather confusing and perhaps most of us don’t have an appropriate answer for it. I may not make a difference in this massive world but in an individual world I doubt whether I do really make a difference. I am an ordinary girl like any other human being who strives to achieve happiness and pursue my greatest dream. Reading is my favorite leisure time. I lack speech expression and that is the sole reason I get into thick soups. Luck didn’t favor me, so I have to stop thinking about doctoring and stick to my ultimate scope, journalist. I like spending most of my time in solitude- a moment of isolation, so that I can feel the world around me. I am not extraordinary but a complete human being.
What am I doing here?
 I always think whether my existence really has an impact on others. What do I live for? Whom do I live for? Why do I live? These are some of the questions among many which haunt me during my sleepless nights. Many a times I realized living a life doesn’t just really mean eating, sleeping, enjoying, being rich and all. Sunny days always follow rainy nights, so to make a perfect life we should undergo hardships and learn through them. When I was a child all I cared for was merely for me. I wanted all the toys and ice-creams for myself- indeed so selfish even to share with my siblings. Now that I have grown up (as my parents say) I realized that life doesn’t mean living our life comfortably, it means living for others. What am I doing here? In my own motherland yet so unknown, the environment around makes me realize that I am in Sherubtse College. Yes, I have come here to study and to grasp hold of my new dream and lost in my funs I nearly forgot it. Being the eldest daughter of my family, I am weighed down with trusts, expectations and hopes. I am pressurized but I have given my words to my parents that I would never let them down. In that case I don’t mean that I will become a great person and make them proud. As a girl I would be a good daughter to my parents, a good student to my teachers, a good sister to my siblings, a good wife to my husband, a good citizen to my country and finally a good human being. So here I have come to learn (besides getting my degree certificate) the values of life and grasp some opportunities to prove my existence.
Where am I heading to?
I live for today and frankly, I am heading nowhere. I am going the way life is leading me to. My father says “if u scores more than 70%, I will gift you something special”. So for now I am dreaming of that special gift. Having mentioned my dreams above I think I should head towards my near future. My hobby and the course I am taking seem to make a good combination. All I need to do is to put in a little effort to make my dream come true.
English Media

2nd semester

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