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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

But without the dark I would never see the stars

Fresh memories seemed just yesterday.
A never expected thing yet done.
And it was just the other day
That I realized I am not alone.
Deceived I may be
But proud you are not too.
We have a whole life to see.
Watch out what I do.
Dear! A warning it is not
But an expectation that I still hope.
Ordeals I have endured a lot
Obscurities I had to cope
 Why? Didn’t you see my wet teary eyes?
It’s been years now
And all this while you have been telling lies
Now came to know you some how
In me, you embedded sorrows of seeds
I blame you not for my scars
Instead thank you for your deeds
Because without the dark I would never see the stars

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Some of the buddies around me in Sherubtse

I am one of them. They are part of me
Media students...1st year
A bond never meant to break
My Family In Sherubtse
Some of the buddies around me in SHERUBTSE

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My life, my mother

My life encircles around you
Hardly had I known your value
Takes just a minute to name
Haven’t noticed that you felt the same

From morning till evening
You work hard toiling the field to earn a living
The first breath I took with you
Gags it may be but I felt it true

“Mother, where are my socks?” shouts my brother
Then rummages through the drawers, my mother.
You gave me one when you have none
You lied saying you are fine when you are all alone

How cruel of me, I haven’t noticed those tears
To us you have all your ears
I am busy growing up
Forgot that you are old, can barely hold your drinking cup

I am sorry for keeping you up all night
Still remember you holding me tight
As if I am going to leave
But god! I did heave
Thank you “MUMMY”
Live longer than you can; only for your dummy.

Ode to my Best Friend

Once a lonely, loner
Who feared the deceiving world?
Like a dumped dog without an owner
Now facing the facts that hold.

In came a fairy in disguise
With a wand and a twist
Changed me from dire to nice
And lo! To you I raise my fist.

Lessons I learnt are invaluable
Reached in such a situation
Just to become so inseparable
Yet choice lays in others intention.

Oh! Best friend of mine
These tears I shed are for you
May you remain the same till generations of nine.
These smiles I smile are for you, you and you.

Forlorn Feelings

As the days passed, I count the seconds ticking by. Each time the second-hand advanced,
 I felt my nearing death. Things get on too hard for me. Friends are there and that too lots. still, to whom do I share my woes and frustrations? Everyone here are so near, yet none so dear
 some even saved me from the freaking death but coming to these feelings I have, nobody understands. As I gazed into the distance, I realize that I have suffered enough
 Why is god not changing his target? Or is it that my sins are not over?
 Questions without answers, hopes without aims, dreams without destination, smiles without grace and problems without solution are all that I face. I am tired, really tired enough
 waiting for a single day, a day that would me mine. if given chance, will rule
 the world and change it from what is it today. my eyes hurt from crying, jaws ache from faking smiles and heart pains from hiding the facts. some times I feel like writing on a piece of paper or anywhere "I QUIT" and then just disappear.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who am I?
Who am I is not a simple question as it seems. It’s rather confusing and perhaps most of us don’t have an appropriate answer for it. I may not make a difference in this massive world but in an individual world I doubt whether I do really make a difference. I am an ordinary girl like any other human being who strives to achieve happiness and pursue my greatest dream. Reading is my favorite leisure time. I lack speech expression and that is the sole reason I get into thick soups. Luck didn’t favor me, so I have to stop thinking about doctoring and stick to my ultimate scope, journalist. I like spending most of my time in solitude- a moment of isolation, so that I can feel the world around me. I am not extraordinary but a complete human being.
What am I doing here?
 I always think whether my existence really has an impact on others. What do I live for? Whom do I live for? Why do I live? These are some of the questions among many which haunt me during my sleepless nights. Many a times I realized living a life doesn’t just really mean eating, sleeping, enjoying, being rich and all. Sunny days always follow rainy nights, so to make a perfect life we should undergo hardships and learn through them. When I was a child all I cared for was merely for me. I wanted all the toys and ice-creams for myself- indeed so selfish even to share with my siblings. Now that I have grown up (as my parents say) I realized that life doesn’t mean living our life comfortably, it means living for others. What am I doing here? In my own motherland yet so unknown, the environment around makes me realize that I am in Sherubtse College. Yes, I have come here to study and to grasp hold of my new dream and lost in my funs I nearly forgot it. Being the eldest daughter of my family, I am weighed down with trusts, expectations and hopes. I am pressurized but I have given my words to my parents that I would never let them down. In that case I don’t mean that I will become a great person and make them proud. As a girl I would be a good daughter to my parents, a good student to my teachers, a good sister to my siblings, a good wife to my husband, a good citizen to my country and finally a good human being. So here I have come to learn (besides getting my degree certificate) the values of life and grasp some opportunities to prove my existence.
Where am I heading to?
I live for today and frankly, I am heading nowhere. I am going the way life is leading me to. My father says “if u scores more than 70%, I will gift you something special”. So for now I am dreaming of that special gift. Having mentioned my dreams above I think I should head towards my near future. My hobby and the course I am taking seem to make a good combination. All I need to do is to put in a little effort to make my dream come true.
English Media

2nd semester